Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wolf Hall

I still don't understand what Wolf Hall is about- it's a fiction but is it some sort of dramatized fictional book about Henry VIII getting a divorce from Catherine? Or what? Whose point of view is it from? Is it focused on Henry's divorce or the court? I'm a little confused.

Somebody tell me!

A review of the book

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  1. I read Wolf Hall and loved it, but don't know why it's called Wolf Hall. The book tells the story of Thomas Cromwell and the story is all from his point of view.

    However, while Wolf Hall gets a couple of mentions in the book - as the seat of the Seymours and where the father of Jane Seymour is scandalising the court by having an affair with a daughter-in-law - Thomas Cromwell does not go there - the book is not about Wolf Hall.

    According to one source I've scanned today, Thomas Cromwell's son Geoffrey marries a Seymour but that hasn't happened in the Wolf Hall book.

    I'm assuming at this stage that it gets mentioned more in the sequel . . .