Monday, May 4, 2009

Robert Dudley's garden recreated

As a personal fan of Robert Dudley and his relationship with Elizabeth, I was thrilled to find this article about the recreation of the garden that Robert built in order to woo and make his final marriage plea to Elizabeth. It's located at Kenilworth Castle, just opened to the public for the first time this past Saturday.

"By 1575, Dudley decided to make one last plea to the Virgin Queen. He had the gardens of his home magnificently made over ready for her 19-day visit. He planned to stage a masquerade there in which an actor playing the "messenger of the gods" was to have bluntly told Elizabeth: "How necessarie were for worthy Queenes to wed, that know you wel whose life alwayes in learning hath beene led".

It was Robert Langam, a member of Dudley's staff, who described the garden in vivid detail in a thousand word letter that helped researchers put together this garden.

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Recreated, the Tudor garden where an ambitious earl wooed the Virgin Queen

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