Monday, May 18, 2009

Thoughts about season 3 of The Tudors

I just want to say that I am really enjoying this season of The Tudors. I was catching up on the episodes and I just saw episodes 4, 5 and 6 of Season 3, and I must say - I was quite moved by all the episodes. This season is moving particularly fast because of all the events that happened post Anne Boleyn and it keeps me on my toes.

Anyways, things I am loving about this season: (SPOILERS TO COME)

1) Episode 4:

All the scenes surrounding Jane Seymour's pregnancy and the birth of Edward was incredibly moving. First of all, it was nice to see Henry so loving to somebody for once (whether it's just because she's pregnant or not is debatable) and have him be so kind and sweet to her is a bonus, since Henry seems to be going off his rocker for so many episodes. The scene where he touches Jane's belly and says "Edward, be strong" gave me GOOSEBUMPS, only because we all know how history turns out.

The music was SO beautiful with the scenes surrounding the pregnancy/Henry waiting for the birth and it highlighted the intense emotional aspect of Henry waiting so long and struggling so hard for a boy. I love the scene where he's praying for the birth of a son. The camera show was particularly beautiful too. I also love it when they finally announce to Henry he has a healthy son, and Henry's so shocked he just says, "I have a son?!" And he's so emotional with tears. FINALLY! All of us watching have been waiting too. Great great scene.

I was so moved by Henry's little speech to Jane at her deathbed about how he can't live without her, even though she "did everything you promised you would." I was moved; again, it's because Henry has shown so little emotion in terms of actually LOVING somebody in a while that I was touched that he cared about Jane that much. He said something about how he's her light in this dark world, and for a moment, I actually felt for his own internal struggle with being King.

Oh, just to add: I'm loving Mary Tudor, actually. She has always been a person in history I never cared much about, but I'm loving this young portrayal of her in the Tudors. The scene where the ambassador tells Mary about a possible suitor and how handsome he is, you can tell that she is trembling with DESIRE! Especially for her age at the time, she is getting past her prime marrying time. And the actress playing her is adorable and does a nice job of making Mary rather dignified.

2) Episode 5:

Following the death of Jane, Henry shuts himself up in seclusion and sees nobody but his Fool. I really enjoyed this episode because I really enjoyed THE FOOL, Will Somers. He was very candid and said things to Henry that normal courtiers would not be able to say, and made jokes about it all. I think Will said something about Anne Boleyn and how Henry has gotten rid of all his wives. And his relationship with Henry was really quirky and interesting and almost fatherly in some way. It was a really fascinating relationship/balance of power to watch, as Henry seems to be the weak one. Henry was also going crazy with his fantasy drawings of Nonsuch Palace.

Speaking of crazy, Jonathan Rhys Meyers' acting is SPLENDID in this episode. In fact, I see vast improvement from season 1, and I think it's GREAT that although Jonathan isn't physically getting fatter as the real Henry was, he is able to act a lot of older and make us believe his youth has withered away along with his sanity.

3) Episode 6:

Good episode. I loved watching the whole search for a bride process. My curiosity is how are they going to explain to us viewers that Joss Stone isn't pretty?!?!?!


  1. Far too pretty, with her pretty little nose, full lips, and high cheekbones! Joss Stone did a great job but its hard to belive Henry wouldn't have been able to get it on with her! They should've got a much plainer girl. Great episode though, you really felt his turmoil.

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