Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Phillipa Gregory novel out in August

Philipa Gregory will have a new novel out on August 18th.

It will be called The White Queen and it will be about Elizabeth Woodville and the War of the Roses.

Hmm...interesting. I will of course read it because it is another Tudor History book, even though I have been disappointed with her books in general. I really liked The Other Boleyn Girl (as did everyone else, ha) and I liked The Queen's Fool. But I think that's it.


  1. did you not the like the Boleyn Inheritance? I think that may have been her best one. I'll def be buying this, i know they can be abit ott but I really enjoy reading them and it brings the history to life!

  2. The Boleyn Inheritance was okay. I liked it okay but it wasn't that good...haha maybe I just have higher expectations after loving the first two I read. Hmm...but it's funny beacuse I will continue to buy/read her books anyways! :-)

  3. As a firm fan, I am thrilled that PG is doing the Plantagenets. My master's thesis was on the family life of the last of the Plantagenets, Arthur, Lord Lisle and his wife, Honor. Arthur was the bastard uncle of Henry VIII. The thesis was 350 pages. I wonder if there's a book in there somewhere, hmmmmmm!

  4. I hope her new book is good! I haven't really been excited by her books for a while...