Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Anne Boleyn Portrait?

I love The Anne Boleyn Files website- I get constant updates from it- and recently the site was discussing a portrait of Anne that I've never seen before!!

Has anybody else seen this before?!

It is apparently on display at Ludlow castle. I think? Go to this forum to read about the discussion of the portrait, its' meaning, authenticity, date/painter, etc.

If anybody knows any info about it, please feel free to comment! I'd love to find out more about it.

Why have we never seen it before?!?


  1. Hi Helen,

    The general feeling is that the portrait is not genuine but then what portraits of Anne really are? Portraits painted when she was alive were destroyed and so we are just left with copies. This portarit is from Ludlow Castle Lodge, a Tudor property in the town of Ludlow, not actually at the castle. Whether it's genuine or not, it really is a beautiful portrait.

  2. Ohhh I see!!! Wow, that's pretty interesting.

  3. So, is this portrait just a copy from the original, painted when she was alive?

  4. I have contacted the estate agent currently on record as representing the owner of Ludlow Castle Lodge (which is for sale) and have heard nothing back regarding this portrait, its whereabouts or the possibility of obtaining another photo for study. If and when any further news comes my way, I'll post it on the Facebook group known as Anne Boleyn : Heretic Hart.

  5. anybody seen the tudors?